CSC Academy National Mathematics Olympiads (CANMO) 6th to 8th Std


Welcome to the Mathematics Olympiad


With each subscription of the Mathematics Test, we provide you with 5 Mock Tests. These Mock Tests are from the core topics of the subject, of the chosen grade. Please note, the topics are from the CBSE syllabus of the same grade. The degree of difficulty of the questions asked in the Mock Tests is of higher level.

With respect to the Mock Tests, please note the following:

  • There are 50 Questions in each Mock Test
  • Maximum 60 minutes are provided to finish the Mock test.
  • There is no negative marking in the Mock Test
  • There are 4 sections in every Mock Test of the Olympiad, covering ;
    • Section – 1 : Application Mathematics
    • Section – 2 : Logical Thinking
    • Section – 3 : Mathematical Thinking
    • Section – 4 : High Order Thinking (HOT)


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