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CSC Digital Cadet Job
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CSC Digital Cadet
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CSC Digital Cadet
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CSC Digital Cadets
8 type of Income Plan

Income Type 1
Part time Job Margin
Daily Payout

CSC Service Promote Digital Cadet Job to your Friends Your Margin
Online Job One Digital Cadet Registration RS 200 /-
Example 1 You referred 3 Digital Cadets RS 600 /-
Example 2 You referred 25 Digital Cadets RS 5000 /-

Income Type 2
Digital Cadet Team Margin
Daily Payout

Service You Support your Team member Earnings Your Margin
Digital Cadet Your Digital Cadet Earn RS 1000/- RS 50 /-
Example 1 Your Digital Cadets Team Earn Rs 10000/- RS 500 /-
Example 2 Your Digital Cadets Team Earn RS 100000/- RS 5000 /-

Income Type 3
Online Business Service Margin
Daily Payout

Service You Promote Online Business Your Margin
PM WANI Wi-Fi Centre Your Referred One PM WANI Wi-FI PDO RS 1000/-
Example You Referred Five PM WANI Wi-Fi PDO RS 5000 /-
Web Design Business You Referred One Web Developer RS 300 /-
Business Grow Service You Referred One Business People RS 100/-
E Commerce Business You Referred One E commerce Store RS 600/-
Wellness Centre You Referred one Wellness Centre RS 1000/-
Video Creating You Referred One Video Creator RS 200/-

Income Type 4
CSC Courses Margin
Daily Payout

Service You Promote CSC Courses Your Margin
Basic Computer Course You Referred One Basic Computer Course Registration RS 327/-
Example You Referred Five BCC Registration RS 1635 /-
Learn English Course You Referred English Course Registration RS 327 /-
Example You Referred Five English Course registration RS 1635/-
All Course You Referred any CSC Courses Registration 20 %

Income Type 5
Online Store Service Margin
after Delivery Payout

Service You Promote Online Store Products Your Margin
Used Mobile You Referred one Used mobile Sale RS 300/-
Example You Referred Five Used Mobile Sale RS 1500 /-
Used Laptop You Referred one Sale RS 500 /-
TN Manufacturer Product You Referred Any Manufacturer Product Sale 5 %
TN Entrepreneur Product You Referred any TN Entrepreneur Products Sale 5%
CSC Grameen e-store You Referred CSC Grameen e-store products Sale 5%
Indian Products You Referred any Indian Products Sale 5%

Income Type 6
Digital Seva Service Margin
Daily Payout

Service You Promote CSC Digital Seva Service Your Margin
E Shram Card You Referred E Shram Card RS 50/-
Ayushmaan Card You Referred Ayushmaan Health Card RS 75 /-
MSME Loan You Referred MSME Loan service RS 50 /-
Pan Card You Referred Pan Card RS 50/-
UDYAM Certificate You Referred UDYAM Certificate RS 100/-
Kisan Credit Card You Referred Kisan Credit Card RS 50/-
Smart Card You Referred Smart Card RS 100/-

Income Type 7
CSC Tele Medicine Margin
After Delivery payout

Service Promote CSC Tele Medicine Service Your Margin
Allopathy CSC Apollo Tele Consulting RS 50 /-
Elements Wellness Promote Ayush Premium mark Products 10%
Homeo Promote Homeo Services 10%

Income Type 8
MI Life Style Marketing Margin
Weekly and Monthly Payout

Service Promote Elements Wellness Products Your Margin
Elements Products Skill India CSC Giving Elements Wellness Product sales 10%
Elements Wellness Mi Lifestyle Marketing giving Some Margin Company Norms
Elements Wellness Your Digital Cadets Elements Products Value add your Mi Lifestyle Account Company Norms

CSC Digital Cadet Job
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