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CSC SPV has launched a new programme, “Basic Computer Course (BCC)”. The programme offers basic computer training to equip a person to use computers in day-to-day life for professional and personal use. After completing the course, the person will be computer literate and will be able to:

# Acquire confidence in using computer techniques available to users

# Recognize the basic components of computers and terminology

# Understand data, information and file management

# Create documents using Word Processor, Spreadsheet & Presentation Software

# Browse the internet, search information, use email and collaborate with peers

# Use e-Governance applications

# Use computer to improve existing skills and learn new skills.

Key Features of BCC Course

Simulated hands-on training with real-life scenarios.

Continuous assessment after every module instead of one-time examination.

200 Questions = 200 Marks ( Choose a Correct Answer)

The certificate will be issued by CSC Academy after successful completion of Course.

Skill India CSC Provide Some Gifts for Students

BCC Course Per Batch 100 Students 100 Prizes

NDLM Basic Computer Course
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Basic Computer Course
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NDLM Basic Computer Course
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