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CSC National Olympiad

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3rd std to 5th std
National Olympiad Exam

Benefits of CSC Olympiad

Conceptional Knowledge

                     The need for conceptual knowledge in the school ecosystem is not felt till the students start preparing for competitive/proficiency exams, where the questions asked are not the same, as they are taught in the classroom. Starting with NTSE, KVPY and then the IIT JEE, NEET, CLAT and the likes. In these exams, the questions are conceptual in nature and requires a different level of engagement with the subject.. It is therefore necessary that students get an early experience of such kind of questions and develop this kind of competency.

Grade Level Learning

                     The tests are grade appropriate. This essentially means that the conceptual level as given in the curriculum framework is kept in mind. The CBSE syllabus is the cornerstone of all the tests and all the tests are pedagogically robust. Also individual subject coherence has been maintained. In Mathematics longitudinal fidelity, in English LSRW frame work and in Science, causal and concrete to abstract structure, have been kept in mind to create these tests.

Multiple Reports

                      We give 5 Mock Tests with each subscription/plan and provide detailed performance reports on the Scores, Speed, Correct Answers, Response Analysis and Rank. Also, as the student keeps on taking tests, a Progress Report is given to see the improvement. These reports serve as a sign board for a student to have a realistic understanding of the performance and future improvement.

Improvement in School Grades

                     Students studying in the schools have a tremendous pressure of studying multiple subjects, doing class work, homework, taking formative and summative tests and more. We are making an effort that these Olympiads encourage students to think deeply and get foundational clarity by solving problems, with graded difficulty. This in the long term will help them to become self learners and develop their line of reasoning, to get better output and results.